The likelihood that a European human has stood in this exact location at sometime in the past seems fairly high, given that almost all Eastern forests were either clearcut or selectively cut at some time since colonization. 


The Colorado Remote Spot sits within a forested hillside covered in spruce. The elevation is 11, 700 feet. We are near, but not beyond treeline. Standing dead spruce trees vastly outnumber the live ones.


We had to bushwhack-hike up a steep mountain slope 0.3 mile from the nearest foot hiking trail. The bushwhack took more time and energy to accomplish than the other 4 miles of the round-trip Remote Spot hike. We could hear a train as well as the nearest highway while standing on the CT Remote Spot in the mid afternoon.


One of the unique pleasures of Remote Spotting is listening to the natural sounds of an area. At the Delaware Remote Spot, the sound of the water rolling against the grassy shoreline was peaceful and soothing.


In the middle of the night, something wildly wonderful yet frightening happens…I awaken out of a dead sleep to the howling of a wolf pack seemingly all around us.


After only 30 minutes of paddling down river, we arrive at the single remotest location in the entire state of Illinois. Boats race up and down river. Men are hammering on a dock structure across the river. Of course, our feeling of remoteness takes a hit.


Today we conclude that motorboats are a remoteness conservation conundrum. We did not incorporate motorboat travel on the landscape within the remote spot calculation procedure.

Kansas Remote Spot

Distance from Nearest Road: 0.8Distance from Nearest Trail: Cell Phone Coverage: Public Land: Yes, Perry State ParkTravel Method: HikingTravel Time One-Way: Something We Learned: Project Remote is working to precisely calculate and travel to the remotest locations in each of the 50 United States. Below is a written account of our 1-day hiking expedition to document the Kansas Remote Spot. … >>


The spot happens to be nestled right on top of a narrow ridge line with steep slopes on either side. Elevation is 1427 feet.