Welcome to Project Remote!  We are a family of explorer-scientists.  Project Remote is our unique mission to define remoteness, precisely calculate the remotest location in all 50 United States, and mount documentary expeditions into each state’s ‘Remote Spot.’  We’re discovering new knowledge about ecological and physical conditions in these special, previously unknown, places.  We’re delighted to share with you our findings and expeditions in the pages of this website.  It is our greatest wish that Project Remote becomes a platform for preservation of Americas roadless wildlands–forever.

Project Remote started as a single-state family adventure in Florida nearly a decade ago.  We quickly realized that duplicating the adventure in all 50 states, while making careful scientific observations, might reveal new discoveries pertinent to conservation.  As time passed, Project Remote became an amazing way to raise a child.  We have had so many meaningful times in the outdoors together.  We have constantly challenged our minds and bodies while making new discoveries about what’s left of America between the roads.  A book about Project Remote is in the works.  We hope that you enjoy and learn from our findings as much as we have. Below is map of our progress thus far.    

Expedition Journals