Garden and Gun October 2020

The South’s Wildest Places by Matt Crossman in the Travel section of this magazine is an article that provides a summary of four of the remotest Remote Spot in the southeast.  You can read the article here.

Top of Mind with Julie Rose September 2020

We answered questions about Project Remote on this podcast from BYU radio.  You can listen to it here.

Experience August 2020

Matt Crossman writes about his own experiences trying to find the middle of nowhere in the Boundary Waters. He talks about Project Remote throughout and our conversations about qualitative and quantitative remoteness…read his article here.

Higher Calling April 2020

An hour-long podcast during with we speak with Chester Moore about Project Remote, wildlife, and much more!  Click here to listen.

Backpacker Magazine, May/June 2019

We spent a few days with writer Matt Crossman while we were prepping to Go Remote in Texas.  Our original plan was for him to accompany us on our expedition but several unexpected events kept that from happening…you can read about all that here.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service News Release, May 2019

We met with Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge staff for a campsite chat.  Click here to read the press release, “Island in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge Identified as Most Remote Spot in Georgia.”

BBC World News, December 2017

Click here to read Owen Amos’ great summary of Project Remote.  This article was read around the world on

WFSU Ecology Blog, February 2017

Rob Diaz de Villeges featured us in his blog about connecting North Florida Forests, Waterways, and Coasts.  Click here to read about our attempt to document the remotest location in the Big Bend Region of Florida (between the Suwannee and the Apalachicola Rivers).  The Big Bend Remote Spot is within Bradwell Bay Wilderness Area (Apalachicola National Forest), 2.6 miles from a road.

WFSU Local Routes Program, February 2017

The New Yorker, October 2015

Click here to read Eben Pindyck’s article and learn how Project Remote inspired one man to find remoteness in America’s largest city.

Rapid City Journal, October 2014

Click here to read the front page article by Seth Tupper in the Rapid City Journal weekend edition.   The Journal’s photo editor, Chris Huber, accompanied us for the first mile of our South Dakota expedition.

New Beginnings (La Leche League USA), July 2014

Click here for Rebecca’s interview with Winema Wilson Lanoue (La Leche League Leader) about breastfeeding in the wild and camping with a child as she grows from baby to toddler and beyond.

O The Oprah Magazine, March 2014

A profile piece featured us as Trailblazers in the Live Your Best Life section.  We couldn’t find the article to link to online so you’ll just have to trust us.  Thanks Bonnie Tsui for being our champion.

Dirtbag Diaries Podcast, February 2014

Click here to listen to a podcast all about Project Remote.  Thanks to all the folks at Dirtbag  Diaries for helping us spread the word about remoteness in America.

The Environmental Report, Michigan Radio (NPR), August 22, 2013

Click here to hear our interview with Rebecca Williams.  The accompanying article also includes a clip about what we do at a Remote Spot.  You’ll even get to hear Ryan shout out a big Woo-hoo!

The Weather Channel, September 2013

Ten Remote Wilderness Destinations in the US highlights the public lands within which 10 state Remote Spots are located.

High Country News, The Goat blog, October 7, 2013

Click here to read a great article written by Krista Langlois of High Country News.  The article was reprinted in The Active Times and again in Adventure Journal.

CPALMS Perspective Video, July 2013

Perspectives is a video series that provides standards-aligned clips highlighting experiences and thoughts from math and science experts, teachers, and professionals.  Click here to watch the video that relates a Florida Standard (MACC.8.G.2.8) with Project Remote.

Arkansas Life, July 2013

Finding Far-Flung Arkansas, an article by Shea Stewart that does a great job explaining the quantitative objective of Project Remote.  Unfortunately, the online version is no longer available.

The Atlantic Cities, May 16 2013

Project Remote is featured in an excellent article by Bonnie Tsui in The Atlantic Cities entitled, “A Scientific Search for the Most Remote Places in the United States.”  She captured the spirit and purpose of Project Remote perfectly.

New York Times, May 19, 2013

On page 2 of the New York Times Travel section, there is an article entitled Seeking Solitude with a Guide.  Project Remote is listed under the Florida section, not because we guide trips to Remote Spots but because we are ‘seeking solitude’ in all 50 states.  The link above leads to the online version.

Down East (Maine), January 2013
Ginny Wright wrote a short article about our expedition into the Maine Remote Spot.  The article isn’t available online so we can’t provide a link to it here…hopefully you can pick up your own copy.

Adirondack Explorer (New York), September/October 2012

Josh Wilson, writer and photographer for the Adirondack Explorer, accompanied us on our New York Remote Spot expedition and wrote about it in the September/October edition.  The article is not available online but the editor, Phil Brown, graciously provided us with a copy of the story to share. Click here to read.

Adirondack Almanack (New York), August 9, 2012

John Warren, founder of the Almanack, wrote about our experience in the Adirondacks, documenting the most remote location of New York.  Quite a lot of interesting discussion followed the article.  Click here to read the article and subsequent discussion.

Bangor Daily News (Maine), August 3, 2012

Reporter Aislinn Sarnacki covered our trip to the Maine Remote Spot (Baxter State Park) in the Bangor Daily News’ Outdoor section.  Click here to read the article and the subsequent discussion that follow.

Concord Monitor (New Hampshire), July 11, 2012

Project Remote was highlighted on the front page the New Hampshire Concord Monitor.  Laura McCrystal, reporter for the paper interviewed us after we conducted Project Remote Northeast and, in particular, the New Hampshire Remote Spot.  Click here to read the article and subsequent comments. (Virginia), April 17, 2012

Andy Thompson, Outdoors Columnist at the Times-Dispatch, highlighted the Virginia Remote Spot trip and Project Remote on this website geared toward outdoor activities of Central Virginia.  Click here to read his comments.

Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine (Virginia), April 2012 Issue

We conducted an interview with Graham Averill about Project Remote.  Click here to read the online version of the interview, if you missed getting your copy of the magazine.

Tallahassee Democrat (Florida), February 9, 2012

Doug Alderson wrote an article about Remote Footprints and Project Remote that was on the front cover of the Living and Outdoors section.  Click here for the online version. Blog (Florida), December 14, 2011

Doug Alderson posted a blog about Remote Footprints and Project Remote on the main website for Florida’s capital city.  Click here to read.