Distance from Nearest Road: 17.2 miles
Distance from Nearest Trail:  approximately 1 mile
Travel Method: 25-foot deep-sea motor boat
Hiking Distance One-Way: 
no hiking, all boating
Cell Phone Coverage: Yes
Public Land: 
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Something We Learned:  
Referred to as the Caribbean of the North, Lake Superior is a veritable blue ocean of freshwater.  Being the world’s largest freshwater lake by surface area, wind and storms can whip up massive surf rapidly.  Many a ship have gone down in these waters.  Lake Superior holds 2 of the nation’s state remote spots–WI and (can you guess which other and where?).

Early Fall, 2015. We hire Catpain Jeff Nourse to take us from Bayfield, Wisconsin twenty miles northeast into the ‘Greatest Lake’ (Superior) to Outer Island, the farthest out of the Apostle Islands from mainland. It feels like we are on the ocean. It’s hard to believe that a lake can be this big! The day is clear, air is crisp, and surf’s up…

Rebecca and Skyla aboard Captain Jeff Nourse’s vessel en route to the Wisconsin Remote Spot
First view of the Wisconsin Remote Spot on Outer Island, Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

The real challenge becomes: how will we position the boat just right in crashing surf along rocky coast in order for our family to disembark vessel onto shore? One slip, and someone falls into the icy cold water between boat and boulder….

Captain Jeff Nourse expertly positions his boat near rocky, wave-crashed shoreline on the Wisconsin Remote Spot

Jeff gets boat positioned just right along rocky wave crashed shoreline….Rebecca and Skyla hop off on a boulder between waves….That hop gets them right onto the single remotest location from a road in all of Wisconsin. This also happens to be one of two state remote spots that reside on islands within Lake Superior. Michigan’s remote spot lies many miles to the north on a small rock island south of Isle Royale…As of 2019 we still are waiting for just the right opportunity to make that difficult trip.

Remote Spotters Rebecca and Skyla step off the boat onto the remotest location in Wisconsin in the Apostle Islands.
Rebecca discovers that there is at least some cell phone coverage on the Wisconsin Remote Spot. It’s not as remote as you might think.

Since we are in America’s cheese capital, Wisconsin, we provide our standard “cheesy” Remotest Family shot:

Remotest Family in Wisconsin.