New York Remote Spot

What an amazing 2-day trek through the Adirondacks.  We hiked 13 miles the first day, 4 hours of which were in pouring rain.  We camped out in a lean-to along the Northville-Placid Trail, listening to the rain throughout the night.  Not only were the mosquitoes bad, but there were no-seeums and black flies mixed into the bug cloud.  The next morning we hiked another 0.7 miles, documented the Remote Spot, then spent the rest of the day hiking a total of almost 15 miles out — literally – we hit the truck at sunset.

We don’t have much time to write now but we wanted to share a few pics…

Creeks, large and small, were abundant throughout our hike…made for wet feet but beautiful scenery.

We walked through a wetland that was loaded with toad tadpoles.

Drying out our gear at the Ouluska lean-to that we called home for one night.

We saw at least 40 red efts along our trek – these are the terrestrial stage of the eastern newt.

We took a break by a beaver lodge and watched the beaver building its dam.

Views like these made our arduous hike well worth the effort!