New Hampshire

Distance from Nearest Road: 4.4 miles
Distance from Nearest Trail: 0.3 miles
Travel Method: Hiking
Travel Distance One-Way: 8.8 miles
Cell Phone Coverage: No
Public Land: Yes, Pemigewasset Wilderness Area within White Mountain National Forest

Project Remote is working to precisely calculate and travel to the remotest locations in each of the 50 United States. Below is a written account of our 2-day hiking expedition to document the New Hampshire Remote Spot. This is our 14th state Remote Spot documented as part of Project Remote.

Draft in progress…

The Remote Spotters set out to the remotest location in New Hampshire down a hiking trail system within the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the White Mountains National Forest…The hiking trail appears to be a former road. We are greatly in support of converting…

This time, a severe heat wave grips the entire Northeast, and our expected high temperature is 98 degrees Fahrenheit for both days of our 2-day, 1-night out and back adventure into the NH Remote Spot.