Hiking Mileage for Project Remote Northeast

We now have completed 4 of the 7 states on our Project Remote Northeast endeavor, all of which have been one or two-day hiking expeditions.  From here on out, traveling to the Remote Spots in the northeast will be via boat.  We wanted to take this time to summarize and share details about our hiking mileage.

New York Remote Spot (Adirondack Park): 27.7 miles in 2 days

Vermont Remote Spot (Lye Brook Wilderness Area): 9.1 miles in one day

New Hampshire Remote Spot (Pemigewasset Wilderness Area):  17.5 miles in 2 days

Maine Remote Spot (Baxter State Park):  20.0 miles in 2 days

Total: 74.3 miles

Average: 10.6 miles per day