South Dakota

Project Remote is working to precisely calculate and travel to the remotest locations in each of the 50 United States. Below is a written account of our 2-day hiking expedition to document the South Dakota Remote Spot. This is our 28th state Remote Spot documented as part of Project Remote.

Distance from Nearest Road: 3.3 miles
Distance from Nearest Trail: approx 3 miles
Travel Method: Backpacking
Hiking Distance One-Way: 5.7 miles
Cell Phone Coverage: Yes
Public Land: Yes, Badlands National Park
Something We Learned: The American Bison lifts its tail and turns broadside to perceived threats. Next would come the charge….

Morning near the South Dakota Remote Spot, located within Badlands National Park

We documented the remotest location in all of South Dakota on October 2, 2014. The SD Remote Spot is protected in the middle of the Sage Creek Wilderness Unit in Badlands National Park. Below are some images of our 11.4 mile out and back overnight expedition into the center of the largest roadless area in South Dakota.