Moose Beans

When most people think of moose, they think of Alaska or Maine.  However, in the east moose range throughout northern New England, even reaching down into New York.

Probably the most amazing fact about moose is that the males shed their antlers every year.  The antlers are formed from living tissue.  Eventually the tissue solidifies and becomes mineralized.  Males begin to grow antlers in the spring and spend all summer growing them to full size.  Once they have successfully impressed the cows (female moose) and bulls (male moose) during the fall breeding season, they shed their antlers.  The process begins again the following spring. Antlers generally measure 4 – 5 ft across and can weigh up to 60 pounds.  Imagine the energy required to regenerate these huge structures year after year!

We have not seen any moose on our expeditions thus far, although we have seen plenty of signs that they are around.

Moose scat was plentiful on the trails in the Lye Brooke Wilderness Area, VT.