Project Remote is working to precisely calculate and travel to the remotest locations in each of the 50 United States.  Below is an account of our 18.6 mile hiking expedition to document the Alabama Remote Spot. This is our 33rd state Remote Spot documented as part of Project Remote.

Euclidean Distance from Nearest Road: 8.2 miles
Distance from Nearest Trail:  N/A
Travel Method: Backpacking
Hiking Distance One-Way: 
9.3 miles
Cell Phone Coverage: Yes
Public Land: 
No, Private Land
Something We Learned:  Young kids can do amazing things.

In Ryan’s Words:

January 20, 2015. Skyla, now age 5 yrs, 10 mos., can do anything she sets her mind to.  She starts walking barefoot down the secluded barrier island beach and refuses to get into our child-carrying backpack for the first time in Project Remote.  Three days later, she had hiked 19 miles to the tip of the island and back!  Our three day journey takes us to the remotest location in all of Alabama–located on the tip of Dauphin Island–and back.

Skyla walks to the tip of Dauphin Island, Alabama

A powerful cold front pushes southward over the Alabama coast delivering cold, blue air.  Soon after we embark on our beach hiking adventure to the Alabama Remote Spot, we encounter the mile-wide gap in Dauphin Island that Hurricane Katrina had blown out years before.  We learn that the US Army Corps of Engineers had deposited a massive rock levy in the cut connecting both island halves to catalyze the formation of new land to eventually reconnect the island.  We scramble along the deposited boulder fill for a mile to get to the outer half of the island.

The Dauphin Island, Alabama Gulf Coast on route to the Alabama Remote Spot
An oil worker’s hard hat washed up on the Alabama Gulf Coast.
Rubbish from the oil and gas industry is ubiquitous along the Alabama coast.
Daddy and daughter hiking to the remotest location in all of Alabama
Our daughter, Skyla enjoys some play time at the end of day 1 hiking to the Alabama Remote Spot
Daughter Skyla plays patiently while mamma performs the 15 minute Remote Spot Assessment on the AL Remote Spot
The Remotest Family in all of Alabama
Oil and gas industry always is present along the Alabama Gulf Coast….even in the remotest areas. 
Skyla awakens at beach base camp near the Alabama Remote Spot
Remote Spotters Skyla, Rebecca, and Ryan return from the Alabama Remote Spot